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The only thing holding you back is you! It does not matter where you are when you start, you just have to start!
So let's get started getting fitter, stronger and healthier!
If you would like to write your own testimonial, please contact Scott Parrish.


In January of 2017, my health had taken a backseat to my career. I found myself losing energy and lacking confidence. I needed a change. 


I decided to take the plunge and sign up for Pullman CrossFit. The first few months were tough. I was shy and self conscious, feeling completely out of my element. However, I continued to push myself, and soon started to see results. 


Before I knew it, I was a part of the CrossFit community. I started feeling a difference in my strength and attitude. My mood was lifted, energy elevated, and confidence peaked. Those killer workouts were becoming all worth it. 


Today, CrossFit is a part of my identity. It's an hour in my day where I can focus on both my physical and mental health. Our coaches work wonders with everyone's unique needs. The community members lift one another up, while also getting a few laughs in. I am incredibly thankful for Pullman CrossFit and everything it has given me

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